Dates and hours for the 2019 season

While MCPS is in session, the pool opening hours are 3pm on school days and 11am on weekend days. Closing time is 8:30pm on school nights and 9pm on Friday and Saturday.

May 25th and 26th:                                    11am to 9pm

May 27th:                                                    11am to 8:30pm

May 28st through May 30th:                     3pm to 8:30

May 31st:                                                     3pm to 9pm

June 1st:                                                     11am to 9pm

June 2nd:                                                    11am to 8:30pm

June 3rd through 6th:                                3 pm to 8:30 pm

June 7th:                                                      3 pm to 9pm

June 8th:                                                      11 to 9pm

June 9th:                                                     11am to 8:30 pm 

June 10th through June 13:                      3pm to 8:30pm

June 14 (last day of MCPS):                       1pm to 9pm

June 15th through September 1nd:        11am to 9pm

September 2th:                                           11am to 4:45pm

**The pool will close early on June 19 and 26th and July 3rd for home swim meets

** The pool will close early on July 4th at 5pm

**The pool will open late on July 20th, immediately following the conclusion of the Divisional meet (approximately noon, but potentially later if the meet is delayed by weather).

**The pool will close early on July 20th for swim team banquet

**The pool will close early on July 24th for teen night


Please note that on certain Saturdays and certain Wednesday evenings our Stonegate Serpents Swim Team will host home swim meets, which will affect Pool opening and closing times.  Please click here for the Swim Meet schedule. Typically, on the Saturday meets, the pool will open at 12:00. On the Wednesday meets, the pool will close at around 4:30pm. Also, each Friday night the swim team also hosts a potluck dinner in the pavillion, but the pool is still open to all. 

Guest Policies

SSC is a non-profit community owned swim club for the use of families who are shareholders in the property. Guests of pool members will be permitted according to the following provisions:

1. Pool members must accompany their guest(s) to the pool and are responsible for ensuring that their guest(s) obey the SSC Rules. Guest passes are required for all guests (including party attendees) even those who are wearing street clothing,  because they are utilizing the pool grounds. 

2. Each regular member family will receive 10 free guest passes with membership. In addition, each pool member is permitted to purchase additional guest passes from the pool attendant. Each additional guest pass cost $5 and must be paid for on site by cash or check at the pool office

3. Bringing ten or more guests at one time will require prior approval from a Board member. For parties, the member must leave a list of guests with the pool manager prior to the day of the event. Guests will be checked in upon arrival.

4. Due to the large membership turn out on holidays (Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day), the pool will not accommodate private parties on these days.

5. Guests may re-enter the pool on the day of their admission at no additional charge.

Pool members who abuse this guest policy will be subject to termination of their guest pass privileges and

possible suspension of their pool membership.

When the SSC is not at full membership, the Board may issue complimentary guest cards to interest non-

members to join. Families within the contiguous area - individuals living within or in developments contiguous

to the area bounded by New Hampshire Avenue, Norwood, Layhill and Bonifant Roads - may be allowed in

by the Board with these complimentary passes. These special guests must be accompanied by a member of the

household over 18 years old who must remain with and be responsible for family members.

Joining our pool

Memberships are available by season only. We do not offer part time memberships or passes. For dues information, click the “Interested in Joining” tab at the top of this page.