Gazebo reservations are made through your member account by clicking the button at the top right of this page (login to member account). Follow these instructions:

  1. Log into your member account.

  2. Under “Today’s Schedule” click “Rent a location”.

  3. Choose date, pick “gazebos” under location type and choose rental duration. To reserve a 4 hour block of time, two 120 minute reservations must be made.

  4. Click “View Availability”.

  5. Available times are indicated by a blue icon (hill gazebo is column on the left and playground is the column on the right). Click the time you want your reservation to start.

  6. Click “View my cart”. Check the details of your reservation. Click “Continue to Checkout”. You do not need to enter any payment information; you will not be charged.

  7. Click “Continue with Payment and Scheduling”.

  8. System should show “Scheduled successfully”.

  9. Enjoy your gazebo!

Gazebo reservation guidelines:

- Every member is limited to two reservations during "prime time" - Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 5pm to 9pm.
-There is no limit for non-primetime reservations.
-Gazebos can be reserved for a 4-hour maximum. In this system, that requires two reservations of 120 minutes each.
-DO NOT consider your reservation final until you hear from us.
-Please contact with any questions.